Micro Cap Watch List

I have decided to give this away practically for FREE! Jump on it now, because if this does take off, I will plan accordingly to scale up the business model.

$10 through VENMO (no refunds) with twitter id in VENMO note for the first month and the first 200 members. I will follow you on the private twitter and you can follow me back. Basically, I trust my work and that the testimonials will pay off later. $10 should be easy to make back on even a tiny account with today's brokerage fees in the USA being $0...

I will raise the rates to reasonable prices after the first month, but you can also lock in an entire initial offering discount year once you are in the door with the first payment. (Will give you the additional amount to add to VENMO once in the door if that is what you want).

What to expect

There won't be any handholding or answers about chart setups, just a list of tickers on solid setups whenever they are presented by the market. Just add them to your watch list yourself and do your own due diligence.

No charts, no targets, no stops. Please do not share with non-paid members because that will ruin the integrity of what this is about and I have put "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" into this.

I am VERY picky. I never post MOMO chaser signals. You are either in early or you are not in (exponentially reduces risk by not being stuck holding the bag if it turns against you). No pumping on my part! My personally created Artificial Intelligence algorithm detects the watchlist setups. With me, you will always get my best. I never rest and rarely am I satisfied. I always strive to evolve the quality of what I do. 2 quotes I live by.

Micro Cap Watch List Stats


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=3.7/3.2=1.15625 or 15.6% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=2.54/1.98=1.283 or 28.3% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=0.35/.3=1.166 or 16.6% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=0.67/.46=1.457 or 45.7% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=1.37/1.14=1.202 or 20.2% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=0.4/.36=1.111 or 11.1% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=2/1.5=1.333 or 33.3% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=2.5/1.55=1.613 or 61.3% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=2.4/0.68=3.529 or 252.9% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=1.37/1.37=0 or 0% increase (Stopped break even)


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=.22/.016=1.375 or 37.5% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=.94/.4=2.35 or 135.0% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=.38/.22=1.727 or 72.7% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=1.5/1.13=1.327 or 32.7% increase


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=.45/.44=1.0227 or 2% increase (Stopped break even)


(End val/Start val-1)*100%=0.2/0.14=1.428 or 42.8% increase

1. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

2. "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."

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